Testimonials & Recommendations

Kenia Rodriguez

Owner at K&Y Fit Center…Helping professional women achieve their personal and fitness goals, even through their CRAZY-BUSY schedule!

March 29, 2017, Kenia was a client of Claudio’s

Working with Claudio has been an incredible asset to my business! We have been working on several projects and he has demonstrated an amazing drive to exceed expectations. I can’t begin to express how his knowledge and skills have impacted my entrepreneurial life. I continue to use his services and recommend others to do as well. Rated A+++

Arturo J. Tablada

Founder, President at St. Michael’s Angels ™

March 28, 2017, Claudio worked with Arturo J. in the same group

Throughout our web development process, Claudio assisted in the crafting of copy for our site that portrayed our mission and story in a clear and concise fashion. Because our mission is universal and the scope of the problem is very real, we needed to paint our story in a way that conveyed the significance of our nonprofit in service of our community. Claudio did a wonderful job leading this and helping us grow closer to providing the gift of a loving presence to hospitalized patients. Thank you Claudio for your work!

Luis Estrada

#1 Network of Service Professionals| Best in Class Providers of Residential and Commercial Services

April 2, 2017, Luis was a client of Claudio’s

One thing is to implement a Marketing Strategy and another is to understand the Marketing Strategy you’re about to implement. When you know all of the parts and how they work together then Summing it up becomes much easier. Yeah it seems easy right, not really and that’s why when you work with a Professional like Claudio whom gets it then you can relax just a little bit. I say just a little bit because he won’t allow you to rest much before he puts you to work. The Best Advisors don’t tell you what needs to be done, instead they listen and educate you as to what you should be implementing. Claudio serves as a Coach when it comes to implementing Marketing & Business strategies that work. He is a student of this Game and stays abreast of the New and Innovative but always grounded in the basics that move the needle forward. He’s taught me that at the end of the day if your not getting Paid then You won’t be in Business much longer & neither will that Marketing Campaign. Being a professional takes dedication to your craft and I’ve always trusted that Claudio has been dedicated to helping me Grow my Business because he is a consummate PRO.


Jonathan Nalepa

Jonathan Nalepa – Swimming Pool Service Professional – Repair and Installation Technician

As a company thats been in business for over 30 years, our recommendations don’t come easy. That said, I’m writing this recommendation with pleasure. In this day and age its hard to find someone who’s as knowledgeable AND passionate about their work as Claudio. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Claudio on a couple projects now and am still looking forward to…more

April 25, 2014, Jonathan was Claudio’s client

 Anibal “Abel” Otero – Founder of Script Dispense In-House Pharmacy Solutions

Claudio is the constant professional, a rare trait these days. He has an exceptional understanding of how to leverage social media to impact your business in a professional, direct and effective matter. His ability to listen to my company needs and actually apply them to our company outlook to maximize our industries results have been remarkable. Claudio and his team have…more

February 21, 2013, Anibal “Abel” was Claudio’s client

JEFFREY WATTS – Revenue Generator, Operational Strategist, Change Champion, Global Entrepreneur

Claudio is my go-to guy when it comes to social media and how to promote my products and services. His strategies drive the traffic I need and he is always available to service our needs. 
Claudio is also the best copywriter I have ever worked with…If you need assistance in building and maintaining your blog or news feed, he is the man. I love working with Claudio. A+++

October 10, 2012, JEFFREY was Claudio’s client

Christine Stiphany
Christine Stiphany – Real Estate Sales at EWM Christie’s International Realty

Claudio has unparalleled knowledge in the world of social media and is an asset to anyone or any company that utilizes his services. He is on the cutting edge – always thinking outside-of-the-box and ready to take your business to the next level. I highly recommend Claudio. He is professional, innovative, reliable, easy to work with and a great instructor on how to create…more

August 23, 2012, Christine was Claudio’s client

Carlos Gastelbondo
Carlos Gastelbondo – Owner, Gastelbondo Photography,Inc.

Absolutely great person to work with. Claudio Knows his work inside out. 
He can provide great value for your company.

August 14, 2012, Carlos was Claudio’s client

Carlos Pereira – CAD Design – Founder and General AutoCad Design Specialist at All Service Design

Thank you Claudio for helping me in setting up the foundation of my Company’s and my personal Social Media presence. Looking forward to many projects and business dealings with you my friend!

March 28, 2012, Carlos was Claudio’s client

Oscar De La Torre
Oscar De La Torre – Manager of Computer Forensics & eDiscovery at deTEKted, Inc

I recently started working with Claudio and I honestly feel I could not have made a better choice. 
Working with him feels more like a partnership than anything else. He has taken the time to not only to understand what we do and see how we can work together, but he has gone above and beyond in teaching and coaching me in the basics of social networking and content…more

March 6, 2012, Oscar was Claudio’s client

Rudy Gonzalez
Rudy Gonzalez – Solutions Architect using enterprise-grade web and mobile open source technologies.

Digital marketing is a central piece in any marketing strategy… and Claudio is one of the best digital marketers out there! His ability to help businesses take full advantage of social media, digital content, and in-bound marketing elements is unsurpassed. I’ve worked with him during the sales cycle, strategic consulting, and technical engagements… and all my…more

March 5, 2012, Rudy was with another company when working with Claudio at Venmark Media, Inc

Elias Tacher, CPA, MST  – Principal at Elias Tacher, CPA, PA

Claudio Alegre has the unique ability to simultaneously keep an eye on the big picture while tracking the small details that can haunt or undermine a project in the later stages. Claudio is among the most adroit professionals I have had the pleasure to work with.

June 6, 2011, Elias was Claudio’s client

Madou Sylla, MBA
Consulting│Financials│Business Plans│Author

Claudio is a true genius when it comes to social media analysis and integration. He is a gifted business consultant with unique ability to optimize his clients resources while creating systems that ensure scalability, sustainability and continued profitability.
A pleasure to work with him daily.

June 4, 2011, Madou worked directly with Claudio at Venmark Media, Inc

Chris Colston
Chris Colston
Owner/President at Second Chance Credit

Claudio and his company are truly the best around. Claudio is a very resourcefull person. He has done a great job in helping the referrals I have provided him. He is very professional in his work and above all, trustworthy. I have recommended him before and would not hesitate to keep on doing so.

January 11, 2011, Chris was Claudio’s client

Boris Alvarez
Boris Alvarez
Executive Director – Peñalver Clinic

Mr. Alegre is the most professional person that you will ever meet. His dedication to his job is outstanding. No matter is takes to complete an assignment you know that Claudio will get it done. Where ever I work I would want Claudio on my team. I would not hesitate to recommend him and to work with him again in any capacity.

December 2, 2010, Boris was with another company when working with Claudio at Venmark Media, Inc

Warren Diaz
Warren Diaz
COO, at Specialized Nursing Services

We have worked with three website companies and have not been able to produce a product that we are proud of. We were referred to Claudio and from the start of the project I noticed a big difference in the way this projected would be handled. It is obvious that Claudio has a passion for social media and creating web sites because of the extensive amount of knowledge he…more

October 28, 2010, Warren was Claudio’s client

Dr Onelia Fajardo-Garcia, Dr B.A. M.P.H., C. R. A.
Dr Onelia Fajardo-Garcia, Dr B.A. M.P.H., C. R. A.
Chief Executive Officer, Managing Partner

Claudio has outstanding analytic skills and translates analysis into actions. He communicates analysis results clearly and concisely.
Exceedingly creative. Excellent negotiating skills based on win-win agreements. Takes into consideration everyone’s needs. Exceptionally skilled at dealing with people. Balances formality and friendliness.
Always demonstrates integrity…more

October 22, 2010, Dr Onelia was Claudio’s client

Michael A. Hubbard – Putting together people, capital and ideas. Intelligently and safely.

We are currently working on several projects with Claudio and he has demonstrated a strong technical aptitude, never forgetting that most of us are “layman” in his world! An exceptional listener, he is expanding our branding effort and bringing us, hand in hand, into the social networking arena. I highly recommend his work and he is also a heckuva’ nice guy as well!

February 17, 2010, Michael A. was Claudio’s client

Jose M. Hernandez
Jose M. Hernandez – Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Plasencia, Hernandez & Guerrero

Here is an individual with the capacity and knowledge to dissect what is not working for your business and coaches you to act aggressively in your areas of weakness. Claudio Alegre has been instrumental in the development and progress of my business this year. His concepts and strategies have made major improvements in my productivity and as a result I consider him a great…more

December 4, 2009, Jose M. was Claudio’s client

Paul Anastacio – Director Business Development at International Monetary Mortgage Fund, Inc.

Only after Claudio showed me how to genuinely build my Social Graph, did I understand how to network online. He also has the ability to quickly grasp business models, the people in them, and only then architect and implement the right marketing strategy.

December 4, 2009, Paul was Claudio’s client

Henry Zaldivar
Henry Zaldivar – Business & Technology Professional

Claudio has the inate ability to very quickly understand the marketing goals of an organization and orchestrate an executable marketing strategy. His research on the target market combined with his business savvy qualifies Claudio as a true trusted advisor and expert in his field. I recommend Claudio at both the professional and personal levels.

November 23, 2009, Henry was with another company when working with Claudio at Venmark Media, Inc

Peter Klinge, Jr.
Peter Klinge, Jr. – C-level exec & international business growth advisor

Claudio, is an experienced marketer with the perspective of different industries. He’s developed and maintains his expertise in social media marketing; specifically in content development strategy. His understanding of how to project an individual or company brand and how to map one’s social graph is quite sensible,intuitive, and useful.

March 24, 2012, Peter was with another company when working with Claudio at Providence Companies


Yefrei Musa

Yefrei Musa – Global Business Strategist at Providence Companies

Claudio is truly a pleasure to work with. His detail-oriented approach, coupled with his intuitive analytical skills is hard to come by. A consummate professional in his field, Claudio strives for perfection with an unrelenting work ethic.

January 30, 2011, Yefrei was with another company when working with Claudio at Providence Companies

Boris Alvarez
Boris Alvarez – Executive Director – Peñalver Clinic

Claudio has always displayed a high degree of integrity and responsibility.he is definitely a leader rather than a follower, in addition to his excellent scholastic accomplishments, he has served in several local charities always willing to give back to his community. 
A dependable player of my team, great judgment with mature and practical outlook to approach his…more

April 20, 2009, Boris was Claudio’s client

Jacqueline A. Salcines
Jacqueline A. Salcines  – Attorney – Real Estate and Business Law | Real Estate Investment Consultant | Short Sales Negotiator

Claudio is truly an EXPERT at what he does. While I was a bit hesitant to hire him as I was entering unchartered territory for my firm, he not only instilled in me a sense of comfort and security, but his ideas, professionalism and expertise on the subject allowed me to dive in, full force, without any hesitation. He is punctual, consistent, reliable, thinks outside of the…more

March 29, 2012, Jacqueline A. was Claudio’s client

Ariel Olivera – Project Manager at Osmose Communications Services

Claudio has a vision like no other I have worked with. His way of doing things, is my way of doing business. Honest and with integraty.

August 10, 2009, Ariel was Claudio’s client

Carolina Ferreiro
Carolina Ferreiro – Pharma-Natural & Pharma-Express 20% owner. Over 15 years in the healthcare industry

Claudio, his grass-root marketing has allowed my organization to excell in our new division. Claudio is able to think inside & outside the box, making any venture quite an obstable with real results and a unique value.

April 15, 2009, Carolina was Claudio’s client