Claudio Alegre is a direct response copywriter and a marketing strategist and advisor.

He works with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and weird people making sure they stop wasting their time and money on useless and mediocre marketing sales messages and copy.


He lives in Miami Florida with his wife and 3 boys.


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These  are Claudio Alegre’s areas of cool work


Hi, I’m Claudio Alegre …This site has a simple mission: to share two to three pieces of ready-to-apply, practical business and marketing advice per week with you.

My goal is to help you grow your business profitably, and get the lifestyle you want as a result.

Is that simple!

You’ll find my style to be straightforward and a little tough at times, but all-in-all it will be in good fun.

I can guarantee you that through it all, my heart will always be in the right place.

Regardless, if you find me to be an insufferable ass in spite of the value I may be bringing to your life and business, then by all means find life else where! No need to put up with anyone’s nonsense, much less mine!

Here’s one of my basic premises… Anyone can sell widgets, anyone can learn.

But not everyone can build a profitable business around what they are selling   -That takes a little bit more cojones, focus, and understanding of how marketing really works!

Here’s what I mean.

Thinking differently is the secret …but not just differently! It will take a total shift in mindset at times (sorry for the cliche, can’t find a different way of saying it!) in these 5 areas!

  1. Stop trading your time for money, even as a Business Owner. Do you own your business, or does your business own you? THIS DOES NOT MEAN, WORK PART-TIME! …And please for the love of everything that is holly, stop saying “They idea is to work smarter not harder!” …Yes we know! But what happens when the guy next door is ALSO working smart and OUT-WORKING you too?
  2. Start applying direct response marketing principles to your business or start up. This will be the key to your future success!
  3. If your business model is not lifestyle-based (This means… design your business around your life, not your life around your business!), then you are not an entrepreneur, you are just self-employed, and in denial!
  4. Stop taking advice from negative people and charlatan sources that have not accomplished what you’re setting out to do! Get rid of the toxic people and pseudo-experts in your life.
  5. To achieve the lifestyle you want and deserve, you need to have:   a) A common problem to solve for people.   b) Sales copy and media that converts.       c) A business you can automate.

If you’re not working in these five areas of focus everyday, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re going nowhere fast, and if by the grace of God you do get there, then at the first shakedown you’ll crumble like a house of cards.

These are the things I feel extremely confident I can help anyone with.

You see most entrepreneurs and business owners hopelessly struggle with some or all five of these. Especially applying direct response marketing principles and communicating persuasive and compelling copy via their websites and sales materials.

This really burns me up because…

  1. Lots of your prospects are missing out on awesome products and services because they can’t find you anywhere.
  2. And IF by any chance they get lucky and do find you, then you sound like every other bland, uninspiring, and self-serving automaton pitching your product or service based on the fact you’ve been in business for over 25 years and you won some worthless (…to your clients and prospects!) industry award.

Here’s a little bit about me… In the last 15 years I’ve:

  • Worked in healthcare, both in the clinical and business side of it. Clinical work is the ultimate human connector, I miss it!
  • Built a 6 figure financial advisor practice. Got my series 7 and insurance license and grew a book of business in about 3 years.
  • Raised a little over 30 Million in investment capital for Real Estate deals from local investors and private banks. Then developed real estate in South Florida and North Carolina.
  • Launched an online venture in the apparel sector. This showed a lot of promise and became profitable almost instantly, even in pre-social media days! It was all about print and Google Adwords… the good old days some would say! Not me.
  • Launched a Web Design and Marketing company –this time I was providing smart business strategies and marketing advice to small business owners. An ongoing task of love still!
  • Currently helping a local healthcare provider service their community at scale while growing to 7 figures in the past 2 years. Helping a real estate financing company provide liquidity for realtor’s clients, and builders and developers with currently 7-8 Million on the street and another 2-3 M to close.
  • Also consulting with 2-3 exclusive clients in the technology, financial, and marine industry on how to best position and sell their high ticket items.

This is what some people think of me:



Here is an individual with the capacity and knowledge to dissect what is not working for your business and coaches you to act aggressively in your areas of strenghts. Claudio Alegre has been instrumental in the development and progress of my business this year. His concepts and strategies have made major improvements in my productivity and as a result I consider him a great asset to my business.  Jose Hernandez. Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Plasencia, Hernandez & Guerrero. 


 Only after Claudio showed me how to genuinely build my Social Graph, did I understand how to network online. He also has the ability to quickly grasp business models, the people in them, and only then architect and implement the right marketing strategy.
Paul Anastacio. Mortgage Banker -Geneva Financial. December 4, 2017
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Why would you consider my advice?

Frankly I don’t know why you wouldn’t… It’s FREE  (…It’s always good to cap the word FREE 🙂 ), it’s tested… and it works!

But seriously… As a business owner and entrepreneur myself, I totally relate, in fact I’ve lived and struggled through the same issues currently keeping you up at night.

I’ve also figured out simple ways to solve complex problems particularly in the marketing, technology and sales aspects of everyday businesses.


I’ll give you a hint… I learned that “Return On Investment” is pretty much everything.

Let me rephrase that… The JOURNEY to a positive ROI that is!

I learned ROI requires simple but persuasive copy.

A relentless no BS attitude and constant testing!

And a zero-tolerance attitude toward measurable and repeatable results.

No gray areas here!

Your marketing is either profitable or is not.

I soon realized there was very little you couldn’t accomplish by writing clear, concise and compelling copy for any business in almost any industry.

I’ve also been involved in multiple start-ups at the funding and MVP (minimum viable product) level. This has given me a peculiar and unique view of what makes some business fail and others succeed. I’ve certainly had my share of both.

My point is,  I’ve got experience you can benefit from.

But enough about me!

Here’s what I’d like you to do next…

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During this session, we’ll:

    • Work together to create a crystal clear vision for the kind of business and clients you’d like to attract and the marketing system to do it with!
    • You’ll uncover potential hidden challenges (like your sales copy) that may sabotage your ability to attract those clients to your brand new business.
    • And you’ll leave the session renewed, re-energized and with the right action plan to start or turn your brand new future leads into customers and those customers into sales!



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