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Six out of ten people are genetically wired to be told what to do and accept it, in so many words: work for others.

The other 40% see and experience life differently, they are free-thinkers, and spend every waking hour working on being the best version of themselves they can be!

Life can throw some real nasty stuff at you… stuff that can make you wonder if you got what it takes; if you are truly deserving of the success you see and long in others…

And yes! Life can be a real B#@ch, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to accept it. You gotta keep moving and find a way to get up every single time you get knocked down!

Knowing where you are at is the key to getting where you want to be!

So what’s “reality” for most working men and women today?

I’m sure you can relate to it, I sure did:

  • 8-10 hours of work every day
  • Retirement age (65-67)
  • Retirement income: 40% of Gross Income ($800-$1000/month)
  • Only 5% of today’s workforce earns more than 180K / year
  • Average American is $225,238 in Debt.

  • Many have less than $500 in savings
  • Enjoy a good lifestyle but with poor quality of life

This is most commonly known as “the rat race”, which is defined by Wikipedia as:

“an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit. It conjures up the image of the futile efforts of a lab rat trying to escape while running around a maze or a in a wheel”

There are just too many “in your face” signs telling us we need to do something different.

For example:

  • A newly graduate student starting his/her life with 100K of student loan debt.
  • Like a 65-year-old working at McDonald’s or Publix to make ends meet ( …you mean to tell me his 40-45 years of hard work wasn’t enough to give him a comfortable retirement?)
  • Someone ending up destitute because his healthcare bills forced him into bankruptcy.
  • Spending 32,850 hours in traffic commute, to and from work in an entire working lifetime  (2 hrs per day x 365 days a year – 24,210 if you don’t work weekends)
  • Making $750,000 a year as an Attorney, Doctor or CEO of some flashy company but barely knowing your kids because you are never home. You are too busy maintaining your lifestyle. You are money rich but time poor.
  • Working a cushy job for the County or Local Government, killing time and waiting for the bell to ring so you can pick up the kids, go home, watch your favorite TV shows, and get up the next day to do it all over again… for the next 45 years.
  • Owning a small business, where you pay everyone else first because is the right thing to do, and –IF- there’s any money left in your bank account you then pay yourself. Shackled to your own version of success. Ignorantly confusing being a Business Owner with being Self-Employed. Living in the Matrix!
  • Asking your boss for permission to go on Vacation, hurriedly traveling through 13 countries in 10 days, coming back totally spent and barely remember any of the special moments, details, the good stuff! …Reliving it only through pictures, video and sporadically relapsing memory flashes.
  • Like many of us and our parents, immigrants coming to this country in search of the proverbial American Dream and finding all of the above instead!

Can you relate to any of these scenarios? If you do, that’s Ok… so did I, and so do a lot of other people!

But as I said before, understanding this reality doesn’t mean you have to accept it. 

This doesn’t have to be YOUR reality! – YOU are not WHERE you are AT!

This is still the best country in the World, where truly anything is possible and highly probable as well!

Bet on YOU always! In the American DREAM and the entrepreneurial SPIRIT, and you CAN NOT loose!

Don’t let cynical assholes tell you it’s dead, they’re dead… dead inside, and they want you to feel like they feel. That’s their mission, whether they are aware of it or not.

We are living through an amazing time in history, where major changes in technology, culture, and science are happening every 3 to 5 years… Where entire generations are becoming financially independent in a matter of a few years due to changes in the way consumers communicate and get what they want.

Embrace these changes!

But what makes the difference between those stuck on the road to nowhere, and those that have cracked the personal freedom code?

Why do very smart people end up working for money all their lives and others of anything but average intelligence are making money work for them?

Is it about who works the hardest, who’s more talented, who has more degrees?



…it’s about owning the right vehicle or platform!


Call it a Home Based Business, an internet or online business, a business opportunity …whatever!

The name doesn’t really matter. What matters is what it can do for you!

But even before you get a platform or a vehicle to get you to personal freedom, you need to start changing the way you think about a lot of things, especially money.

You see money is an idea, and your relationship to this idea greatly defines the rest of your life.

If you still work for money guess who the master is!

If money works for you then we are talking a different game.

But don’t misunderstand me. It is not only about money, it can not be.

And if you are struggling with your business and or money, it’s not your fault.

This is not about placing blame,  it’s about stepping to your purpose!

Money is a tool for access.

Access to what? … options, which in turn provide you with Freedom!

Freedom from what?

From everything that gets in the way of letting you reach your potential, the very best version of YOU!

A few years ago I decided to buy myself back from the system.

I started reading the right books, hanging out with the right people, associating myself with quality individuals that enriched my life, in essence, I started to ELEVATE MY GAME!

But I had to radically shift the way I looked at successmoney, business, relationships and people in general.

I realized that My Success -Your Success – is never an accident, but the result of shifting paradigms (mental images) which in turn change the way you think, which in turn change they way you act, which will change your world.

You see right now you have limiting beliefs about money, business, your clients, your relationships, your goals and ultimately your lifestyle.

No one said that’s how the world works. Those aren’t the rules, they are just your rules! – Joe Vitale

These limiting self-imposed beliefs have blocked your ability to experience and enjoy greater abundance.

Abundance is the opposite of scarcity. Is not riches or wealth, even though they could be.

Abundance is having options! Abundance is not having to make 95% of your life impacting decisions based on money or time constraints.

Would you like any of the following?

arrow2The ability to ask for something – and actually get it?

arrow2See your Job as nothing but a Transition to something amazingly better – that awaits you!

arrow2Feeling incredibly revitalized and self-confident?

arrow2Quadrupling your income while actually working less?

arrow2The ability of not only think about your financial goals, but to strategize-work toward them, and actually achieving them?

arrow2Owning a life rooted in purpose driven decision making and not affordability-driven decision making?

arrow2The ability to easily, effortlessly connect with quality – influential people and forge friendships that last a lifetime?

arrow2How to find, assess, decide, invest and succeed in ultra-profitable, Rapid-Success-Cycle business opportunities that exist RIGHT NOW!

How much are any of these life altering events worth to you?

You’ll soon realize that these personal goals don’t fit within “budgets” or “right-time” thinking. They are purpose and burning desire driven.

So many times you hear people say  –“I don’t have the money, or it’s not the right time to pursue that dream, to have the baby, to go around the world on a one-way ticket, to try that new “thing” I’ve always wanted!

If not now… When?

What on earth are you waiting for!!?

Whose permission (except yours) do you think you need!!?

I don’t know about you, but I got tired of living someone else’s life, working for someone else’s dream, and building someone else’s future!!

I didn’t care what I had to do as long as it was legal, moral, ethical and profitable… I didn’t care what anyone did to me, thought or said about my choices to give my family the life they deserve!

I lived on a warpath with the person I was and the person I needed and wanted to become!

If you feel as I did, tired of dream shopping and dead end opportunities, lots of good ideas with zero business strategy to back them… then you need to STOP right now and talk to someone who can help you re-frame your approach.

It doesn’t have to be me!  -the important thing is for you to work with someone  …you don’t have to go it alone!

The thing is, you and I are here now …and until you find that system to help you break away from the dreaded 9-5, you might as well start planning your getaway right HERE and NOW …Why Wait?

Here’s what I want you to do:

Grab a pen and paper and as truthfully as possible answer these next 3 questions!

1. Where are you now?

… because unless you can answer that honestly, it won’t matter where you want to go. Remember –you are not where you are at! …So don’t feel bad if you don’t like the answer Ok!

2. Where do you want to go? 

What do you want, what kind of lifestyle do you want to create for you and your family? Write it out!

3. What actions steps do you think you should take in order to start moving in the right direction?

Now map out the steps as you see them in your mind …be detailed, don’t leave anything out!

Here are a couple of my current clients and now friends who enjoyed exceptional results after implementing just a few of my marketing strategies for their own business:



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Only after Claudio showed me how to genuinely build my Social Graph, did I understand how to network online. He also has the ability to quickly grasp business models, the people in them, and only then architect and implement the right marketing strategy. –Paul Anastacio. Marketing and Sales Executive at Sysco. December 4, 2009

Here’s what I want you to do now:

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