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Get All The Support and Guidance You Need To Permanently STOP  Your Frustration With Ineffective And Mediocre Marketing Habits That Lead To:


arrow2Crappy leads that don’t convert

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arrow2Mediocre sales copy sabotaging the growth of your business


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Are lackluster sales getting you down?

Does it seem like — no matter how much marketing and advertising you do — you continue to struggle with traffic, leads, and sales, and now you’re running out of time, patience… and money?

What if I told you that I could help you get:

  • Hyper-Targeted traffic to your landing pages
  • A marketing system that guarantees you sales
  • Qualified leads from multiple ad campaigns
  • Content that captivates and makes people take action
  • An advertising program that gets prospects to call you or email you (Guaranteed!)

… And I can do it FASTER, for a small fraction of what you’d pay in-house marketing employees to get the SAME results! Curious? Keep reading and I’ll explain how it’s done…

More Than 8 Years Experience Helping Businesses Increase Sales!

Hello, my name is Claudio Alegre, and work with Business Owners who are sick and tired of spending their time and money on marketing that doesn’t work. I helped them create marketing systems and assets that generate leads, get customers and increase sales!

I do marketing that works, in 90 days or less!

Over the past 8 years, I’ve worked with over 125 small businesses, helping them promote their products and services with a no-nonsense approach to small business marketing.

I began my career as a healthcare professional in 1995, I was a pre-med major but didn’t have the discipline, grades or money to attend medical school. So I became a Respiratory Therapist and worked in that field for 8 years before I ventured into the financial and investment Industry in 2001. I developed real estate from 2002-2006, had a blast, learned a lot and made some money!

Then in 2006 a friend of mine and I created an e-commerce apparel internet business selling primarily Guayabera shirts, after earning that first dollar online there was no going back.

But it wasn’t until 2009 that I started taking on clients in addition to other online ventures.

Results-Oriented Range Of Marketing Services Offered

I continue to work and consult in the Healthcare industry, while also doing very interesting work in the Real Estate and Financial space.

I offer a number of services designed for business people like you. My services will help you to quickly position yourself as an expert in your industry, directly connect you with an unlimited supply of prospects, and work them through processes that will generate a predictable number of leads and appointments. We’ll start by eliminating ineffective and stale marketing tactics that are causing your business to suffer, lose money and customers to competitors so that you can finally get off the cash flow roller coaster.

My services include:

  • Functional Web Design Services
  • Direct response copywriting and marketing strategy
  • “Front-end” lead generation systems
  • “Back-end” revenue generation for current customer base – Referral based systems
  • Social Media Marketing and Management

Want Proof That I Can Help Your Marketing?
Here’s What A Few Of My Previous Clients Are Saying…

In the 8 years that I’ve been providing marketing consulting for companies like yours, I’ve been able to help over 125 small businesses ELIMINATE the loss of money and valuable time by applying very simple marketing strategies that work.

And most of those companies are now enjoying growth in leads, sales, and revenue, as a direct result of my work. To the credit of many of these business owners, they had the vision and put in the work and investment to see the results they wanted and desperately needed, all I did was guide them through the process, and help them come up with big ideas to take to market.

Here are several of my current and previous clients, who enjoyed exceptional results for their websites and marketing after implementing my work and advise:



Here is an individual with the capacity and knowledge to dissect what is not working for your business and coaches you to act aggressively in your areas of weakness. Claudio Alegre has been instrumental in the development and progress of my business this year. His concepts and strategies have made major improvements in my productivity and as a result I consider him a great asset to my business.  Jose Hernandez. Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Plasencia, Hernandez & Guerrero. July 14, 2009, 


 Only after Claudio showed me how to genuinely build my Social Graph, did I understand how to network online. He also has the ability to quickly grasp business models, the people in them, and only then architect and implement the right marketing strategy.
Paul Anastacio. Marketing and Sales Executive at Sysco. December 4, 2009
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I Offer Services For Every Budget…

If you’re concerned that hiring a direct response copywriter and marketing strategist to help you get more customers and clients can be a costly proposition, here’s something to consider:

How much is it costing you to continue to put up with mediocre marketing results plus the high cost of ineffective advertising while your clients and customers are going next door?

And how much of your own time are you wasting trying to deal with it?

In most cases, getting expert help is actually the more affordable option, by far!

And while it’s true that I’m not the cheapest option, it’s important to remember that cheapest is not necessarily best.

But guess what?  -I’m not worried about it because I think you’ll find my fees to be surprisingly affordable — even if your business is small, or you’re just getting started.

How To Create Marketing Strategies That Work on Any Budget and For Any Market, Even If Your Clients and Customers are Super Unique and Difficult To Sell To!

What I’m about to tell can not only change your business drastically but also they way you think about a lot of things. Also, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT you’ve been doing it ALL wrong! You’ve copied what you see other people do and you have continued to do what worked in the past without any system or process behind it, BUT NO MORE! I’m going to share with you 3 BASIC STARTING POINTS to turn your dull, boring, and ineffective marketing around right now!

FIRST - It’s not about you! Stop writing, talking, and making videos about how good your products or services are. Your prospects ONLY care about HOW exactly WHAT you have can help them change their lives. What’s in it for them? So stop doing FEATURE BASED marketing and start focusing on BENEFIT DRIVEN marketing that addresses and solves your future client’s problems.

SECOND - But in order to do this, you need to really understand two things: What their WANTS and ASPIRATIONS are, and what PAINS and FRUSTRATIONS are haunting them. Grab a piece of paper draw a line down the middle and write their Wants on one side and Pains on the other. And from now on everything you talk about is directly related to how your products or services MAKE THEIR PAIN GO AWAY, or their WANTS MAGICALLY MATERIALIZE!

THIRD - Create an AVATAR of your prospects and clients. An avatar is a profile of this ONE individual you are trying to reach. When creating it focus on these 3  elements: 1. Who are you selling to  2. What are his/her needs, and… 3. What does she need to hear from you to get to a point where she now knows, likes and trusts you enough to make a purchase. This may seem like the second one but it goes further into creating a full avatar and identity profile you can use to write better copy and communicate more effectively with her.

If you implement these 3 Basic Starting Points you’ll be light years ahead of everyone else in your space… I can guarantee you most of them did not bother to go this deep into basic client profiling. You are now in a better position to get a prospect to:

  • Feel UNEXPECTEDLY CURIOUS about what you are offering because you struck a nerve based on what they desperately need.
  • FEEL HELPLESSLY ATTRACTED TO YOU because they NOW feel you understand them, you’ve lived their pain, walked in their shoes, and know what’s like to be them.
  • INSTANTLY TRUST YOU because it’s a well-known fact that when you describe to someone exactly what’s like to go through what they are going through, they not only feel you understand them, but they also assume YOU HAVE THE ANSWER, which you do!

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