Hi there… I’m Claudio Alegre, thanks for dropping by!

Like you, I’m an entrepreneur and business owner who knows just how challenging and rewarding it is to build and grow a dream from scratch. 

It’s tough, demanding, and gut-wrenching work, but I love it.

I do it because is what drives me, and what allows me to meet and work with people I admire, like you! 

I started my first business soon after I left my financial practice in 2004.

It was a real estate development company with two other partners. That business busted at the height of the recession and left me with 3.5M in debt and a big hole in my chest!

I was hurting. It was painful to get back in the game after that – BUT I DID, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world!

After getting out of that mess I started an online marketing consulting company, kept working with real estate investors and developers, and also began working in the family business (healthcare).

Over the past few years I’ve learned a lot about building businesses that get attention, operate smoothly, and earn the loyalty and respect of customers and clients.

Learning how to find and nurture a Minimum Viable Audience (MVA), develop good market positioning, and create high impact content copy in the form of stories has been mission-critical for my projects, and today is one of the few things I really enjoy doing when working with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. 

But that’s only part of the reason I help people build marketing campaigns.

The other reason is out of sheer disgust and frustration, after seeing good-hearted and hard-working entrepreneurs spend countless hours and money on design, code, crafting ads, and strategic consulting, which are all important!

Yet they were still getting nowhere, just like I did. 

Because they kept ignoring the most vital part of any marketing and sales process, 

The psychology of the message and the relevance to its target. 

Your future clients and customers are orphans of true service and caring.

Because of this, every thing you do must be with them and their problems in mind.

They are the epicenter of everything you create and produce.

Every title, tagline, email, article, social media post, phone conversation, and chat must be done with one thought in mind:

“How can I help make these people’s lives better?”

I’m not offering you overnight success.

But I am offering instant success in feeling good about yourself and the work you do, because that’s where everything must start.

So here’s my pitch

If you believe the way you pick your tribe, and craft and position your message, is mission critical for REALLY building a meaningful business. Then I want a shot at working with you.

If you’re obsessed with your customers, and they’re all you think about, then we should be working together!

When you produce sales copy and marketing materials that’s focused on them, you’ll see a spike in conversions of initial customers into repeat clients, you’ll bring in more referrals, sell more products and services, and grow a business that matters in the process.

But customers and clients will always be your root cause.

They are WHY you exist!

Your success is a mere byproduct of this code. 

Like the Bushido code!














I’ll leave you with this:

Audit and test everything, assume nothing.

Lead with empathy in your daily problem solving journey.

Every piece of copy on your website, your ads, your social media channels and especially your emails, is an opportunity to get someone’s attention and REALLY connect.

Every word has a REAL chance at compelling someone into action and changing her life.

I’m very excited for the possibility of linking up with you!

Thank you for taking the time to hang out 🙂

If you have any questions you can reach me here.






Claudio Alegre