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smart business strategies by Claudio Alegre

I work with entrepreneurs, business owners and weird people making sure they stop wasting their time and money on useless and mediocre marketing sales messages and copy that gets them crappy and frustrating results.

For you, the already established small business owner, we do marketing that works in 90 days or less…!

I only engage with 3-5 clients at a time … And that’s because I focus on service and results, and also because I work diligently on my own niche playground and revenue generating projects which sometimes take more time than I care to admit.  That’s right! I also DO this stuff, not just teach it 🙂

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Become a Better Marketer

With The Clients I Work with I Provide Direct Response Copywriting Services, Digital Marketing Advice, and Business Success Strategies.

More specifically: 

  • When was the last time you got a client through your website? – If you don’t have a high impact website, in other words, a website that is part of your marketing and sales process then someone else is getting your clients.
  • Is your sales message compelling enough to get people to take action? – So now you have a website, but how are you communicating your message? Is your copy helping people make a quick decision about engaging with you?
  • Do you have a sales funnel that takes people through your marketing and sales process? – When a visitor gets to your site there should be only one or two routes you want him to go, left or right, but both end up at the lead-capture point. Do you have a funnel for capturing leads?
  • After your prospects become clients, are you maximizing their value by orchestrating referrals?   – Orchestrating a referral based system for your current membership or subscription base is the fastest and most efficient way to scale your business.
  • Are your Social Media Marketing efforts paying off? – Does it seem like the more stuff you post, the less engagement you get? There’s a very good reason for that… I can help.

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