Why The Strongest Culture Always Wins

Super Bowl 54 did not disappoint!

No doubt both teams deserved to be there…

No doubt both teams were well matched, and ready for the big show.

I did notice a difference… a big one!

Maybe you did too…

And it wasn’t just during this game, but throughout the post season.

It’s obvious these two teams have strong cultures. You don’t get to play at this level unless you do…

But as far as the Chiefs are concerned, IMHO…

They’re at a whole different level here!

They have leadership layers… it’s stacked across the entire organization.

Coach Reid is not only a master strategist and one of the most creative playbook masterminds in the game…

But he’s also a culture freak!

So, what is a winning culture? 

I like Jason Jamail’s, author of “The Leadership Playbook” … definition:

He defines culture as…

“Culture includes the beliefs, ideas, values, rules, and codes of conduct in an organization or a society.  It shapes how people within the culture think, feel, and act.”

Jamail goes one step further to specifically ask, 

“To create a winning culture, what must you do?” 

Then he sets out 4 goals: 

  • First, position people in roles for which they are best suited based on their likes, interests, attributes, and skill sets. 
  • Second, make the tough decisions when they need to be made.
  • Third, hold the team members accountable to your game plan and expectations.
  • Fourth, get team buy-in.

So what did Reid do to start turning things around in Kansas?

First by making sure everyone’s on the same page.

A clear and easy to understand vision.

A winning Drafting strategy was the core move.

Get talented College players and teach them to play Kansas City Chief’s style football. 

Then continue to foster from the ground up in the organization a habit of winning.

Losses became learning opportunities, and wins kept validating their decisions.

They kept doing this consistently for 7 years and won a Super Bowl!

Is there anything we can learn from Coach Reid and the Chiefs that can impact our business and they way we tackle success in our own lives?

I think so… but I’m going to leave it up to you to decide how.


I’ve been taking notes and I can’t wait to get to my office and start putting them to the test with my team!

Congrats to the Chiefs!


Claudio “Culture Always Wins” Alegre


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