Why The Inability to BS One-Self is The Most Valuable Asset an Entrepreneur Can Own!


We, collectively as a species, have an infinite capacity for self-deception. I think Einstein said that… not sure, didn’t look it up, don’t care… IT’S TRUE!

In other words, we are amazing at bullshitting ourselves. It’s mainly this glitch in our system, at least in my case, that has kept us from reaching our goals in life faster and with gusto!

Why do we do that?

I don’t know…

  • ego
  • laziness
  • lack of empathy
  • entitlement
  • missed your meds

I don’t have the answer for you… I’m sorry.

But, I do have a nifty little tool to make you bullshit-proof forever!

It’s a simple script I learned a while back, shortly after one of my businesses imploded and left me for dead.

Since then, the changes have been molecular!

Here it is…

“Your BEST thinking got you here ___________”  

Make sure you fill in the blank with your name.

Take some time to think about how profound that statement is.

If you can, say it while looking at a mirror, it will enhance its effect 12-fold!

Why does it work?

Simple, it makes you accountable and forces you to have an honest conversation with yourself.

Not a self-deprecating conversation, but a deep one, where you replay decisions and hopefully divorce them from your outcomes, by only judging your process. Because really, your decision making process is the only thing that matters.

So there you have it… A rapid fire way to face your weaknesses, feel super confident in your true abilities, and make you self BS-proof forever!

Clearly, you still have a lot of work ahead of you, so do I. But at least now you know one thing for sure…

You MUST change the way you think in areas of your life you wish to improve on.

So be good, be better, be spectacular!


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