Local Realtor Scores Big By Avoiding THIS Deadly Marketing Trap

Peter was about to make the biggest mistake of his professional real estate career.

I could tell he was hesitant about sharing what was going on over the phone.

Peter (not his real name to protect his identity)… Continue Reading

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What The Caterpillar Doesn’t Know Yet

coaching and mentorship












Do you think this guy knows what he’s about to become?

I don’t think so … 

I’m sure he feels trapped and antisocial (but he’s not!)

It’s dark and he can’t see! 

But he intuitively feels there’s a whole other world out there, one with infinite possibilities to prosper and fly anywhere he wishes to (’cause he knows he can fly!)

…Bcuz he knows he was meant for more than this!

All he needs to do is put in the work in this phase and let the transformation begin!

In this case… Nature is showing him the way!

Who’s showing you the way? 

Claudio “The Transformer” Alegre

P.S. If you’ve been looking for a Coach or someone to mentor you through your journey…

Read the info on the site below 👇



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When I Was 14 I Almost Died in a Plane Crash

…with my whole family.

But I’ll get back to this in a minute…

Did you know the SBA offers low-interest disaster loans as an affordable way for individuals and businesses to recover from declared disasters?

I don’t know how I’m going to pay my employees next week bud

This is what a friend and client of mine said to me yesterday…

But it wasn’t what he said… but how he said it.

He’s was afraid…

And he’s right to be…

This Coronavirus shit storm we’re going through is serious business.

It’s SMART to be afraid!

If YOU’RE NOT afraid, you’re an idiot!

But there’s a difference between fear and panic.

And that’s EXACTLY what the pilot in that 6-person Cessna didn’t do…

He didn’t panic!

That’s why I’m alive and able to write this email to you today…

Because some smuggler 36 years ago,

…I didn’t even know… kept his cool!

As the plane took a nose dive, all I remember was trying not to vomit…

While getting my face squeezed by the g-force against my window!

By the way…

My friend’s fear is the same fear all of us are feeling right now…

Fear of the unknown, fear for our well being, both personal and financial…

Fear for our friends and family’s health and businesses that have already taken a direct hit.

Here’s what I know…

The pros are on the case and based on what I’m seeing…

They know what they’re doing.

We’re making progress, the outlook is better than it was last week, even though we’re not out of the woods yet.

Stay focused on your day to day…


Remember to go to this link for your Florida, State and Local updates.

…and for global updates here are the best two resources:

  • The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • WHO (The World Health Organization)

Anyway, back to how we can get our hands on some money! 


The SBA offers disaster loans as an affordable way for businesses to recover from declared disasters. 

It’s called, the:

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

And I’ve been sharing it with every business owner I know…

Keeping your doors open for business is priority #1.

So any funds at low cost you can get your hands on for internal cash-flow emergencies is a good strategy to follow…

Let me know how it goes…


Claudio “Glad to be alive” Alegre


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Why The Strongest Culture Always Wins

Super Bowl 54 did not disappoint!

No doubt both teams deserved to be there…

No doubt both teams were well matched, and ready for the big show.

I did notice a difference… a big one! Continue Reading

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Unlimited Return On Investment

We all have people in our lives who put us to the test, push us to our limits, and make us wonder why we let them hang around.

Relationships, even the good ones, are not all sunshine and rainbows.

Your friends, family, and colleagues… basically the people closest to you, usually determine your fate.

Yes I know what you’re thinking…

But Claudio, my decisions determine my fate!

Yes, yes I know…

But your decisions are influenced by people, events, and circumstances… whether you’re aware of it or not…

And they almost never involve just you!

So don’t lose faith in people, even when they disappoint you.

You never know when they may surprise you, and really make you proud!

You never know when YOU may surprise you…

The ROI on people is limitless!



Claudio “betting on people” Alegre


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How To Get People To Listen and Act On Your Demented Sales Pitches


Have you ever delivered a pitch so outrageous…

So insane…

That when you finished the person said:


But wait!

What did she mean?

Was it a…

“Get the f**ck outta here… before I call security!”


“Get the f**ck outta here… No Way! … Tell me more!”

You want the second one…

But If you want this kind of reaction you have to…

Stop talking about yourself, and focus on the psychological action triggers that your prospects are predisposed to…

These are powerful and inevitable emotions we’re all subject to…

The main ones are:

Greed, fear, shame, pain, and status…

This means you have to get to know your audience better than you know you own wife or husband…

What makes them tick…

What are they afraid of…

Or love for that matter (fear unfortunately is a stronger motivator)

What are they embarrassed about…

What’s creating stress and frustration in their lives…

And doing so frequently.

Start there!

What do you think is easier….

To sell a high-end strength and conditioning fitness program to married out of shape men over 50…

Or to out of shape men over 50 who recently got divorced?

The divorced bunch of course…

Because after being nestled in the comfort and security of a twenty year old relationship…

And suddenly finding himself in the darwinian jungle that is the current dating scene….

At the very least, in order to compete with alpha males clearly at the top of their game…

This recently divorced minnow who has zero chance of getting any action anytime soon…

Has to get his sh**t together and start looking the part!

So getting in physical shape by hiring a fitness coach would be a top priority for him.

You can’t score at a singles bar looking like this… 






Not while this younger stud is having a drink at the same bar!







Losing that battle is not only demoralizing… but shameful!

So if you’re a fitness coach or local gym owner…

You not only want to take advantage of the busiest season of the year (Jan 1st – Feb 15th)…

But also go after a hungry segment who are ready to pay you pretty much anything you ask…

Out of shape men over 50 who are recently divorced…

What do you think your offer, and creative need to convey to this group?

What trigger points must you activate to get these guys off the couch and their porn-hub account…

And into your gym?

By the way…

If you think this will work for this target audience…

What do you think it would do for divorced women over 40?

Just a thought!


Claudio “Crazy Offers” Alegre







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Disturbing Thoughts I Have in The Shower I’ve Been Afraid To Share Publicly… Until Now


It’s true… I admit it.

I don’t know why these thoughts creep into my mind once the hot water starts running.

But I’m telling you they are sneaky, highly stimulating, and pretty much inevitable…

I simply have zero control over these mental images which by now have turned into uncontrollable physical impulses…

This happens to me everywhere…

At the gym.

When I’m a guest at people’s homes.

Even at public beach showers.

Quite frankly, it’s embarrassing!

But once the water starts running down my back, I’m not in control anymore.

Let me explain…

Normally I walk around with a small moleskine notebook…

I also have thousands of notes in my voice recorder, Evernote app, and other tools I use for note taking and idea strategy.

Plus I take pictures of anything I think could be useful for a copy or content piece.

Rarely does a creative thought escape the physical traps I’ve laid out for it in the wild theme forest that is my brain.

Except in one place…

The Shower!

For some reason this is the place where I get constantly blitzed with provocative and creative ideas…

It’s also where I’m most vulnerable…

And the least prepared to harness the power of such inopportune rush of creativity.

It’s unfair… but it is what it is.

I don’t fret over harsh realities for very long…

But it drove me insane not being able to know why it happens this way…

Or even how to take advantage of it.

So I did a little digging…

And found some pretty interesting stuff…

Including a scientific paper explaining this interesting phenomenon I’m now referring to as:

“Eureka Showers”

Did you know that 72% of people get their best ideas in the shower?

This is exactly what cognitive scientist and coauthor of “Wired to Create” Scott Barry Kaufman found, in a recent study he did…

The study focuses on the importance of relaxation for creative thinking.

“The relaxing, solitary, and non-judgmental shower environment may afford creative thinking by allowing the mind to wander freely, and causing people to be more open to their inner stream of consciousness and daydreams.”

–explains Kaufman.

All this is great…

I knew now I wasn’t a freak… Good!

And that almost two thirds of my fellow human creatives experience these Eureka Shower moments too…

But I still had a problem…

I needed to figure out a way to harness the power of Eureka Showers?

And it had to be inexpensive, portable and water proof of course.

I needed a Fred Flintstone-like solution now!

Then ironically… while taking a shower

It hit me like a lightning bolt…

Why on earth didn’t I think of this before?

The solution was staring me right in the face..

It’s cheap. It works.

It’s portable, and waterproof!

The answer to my problem…!?

Promate Underwater Writing Slate…

On sale at Amazon for $8.45!


No more reading ink smudged notes on wet paper…

No more rushing out of a relaxing shower to not lose an idea…

No more stepping out all soaped up… to then dry the one hand I’m using to record thoughts on my phone…

No more of that sh**t!

I had finally found a way to close the capture-loop on thoughts and ideas.

I now have full control of the unpredictable nature of Eureka Showers!

So what if my water bill is a little higher…

Who cares!

Some of these ideas have already paid for about seven lifetimes of water bills anyway!

So far the slate is working … I’ll let you know if I upgrade.

But hey… while we’re at it…

Let me share with you some of the tools I’m currently using for idea capture, development, and canvassing (where I actually do the writing)

By the way, I communicate mostly by writing.

But this applies to any content creator, regardless of the communication medium you feel most natural using.

So here it is…

[*none are affiliate links]

To quickly record thoughts and ideas especially while in motion, I use:

Iphone voice recorder – quick and easy access
Rev.com – I can later transcribe to text

Pocket – Quick bookmarking of articles on the web
Evernote – Voice recorder feature

For quick note taking outlining, and visualization of ideas I use:

Logseq – my second brain!
Imindmap – iphone app. for idea connections and visual relationships
Sticky notes app – iPhone app (quick and portable)
Underwater slate – (newest tool!) Handy, waterproof, and portable

Noteshelf – (Loving it!) for quick idea capture

Notability – Also for quick idea capture
Blank sheet of paper – old school, but very reliable when all else fails


For actual writing and editing, and organizing ideas I use:

Google docs – especially when collaborating on a content piece w/ clients and colleagues

Trello – When I get ideas, I send them here after jotting them down on my other tools
Ulysses – my favorite canvas for all my writing. From here to distribution

So there you have it…

Fourteen tools… of which 2-3 are backups. So really eleven!

But this is what works for me.

I’m constantly testing new apps and ways to decrease the friction between my thoughts and ideas, and the physical world.

You need to find what works best for you.

Sometimes I feel all you really need is…

A good idea, paper and pencil, and a quiet place to work.


Claudio “Eureka showers dominator” Alegre







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Is Your Real Estate Business a Hobby, Job, Career, or Vocation?

Many of my friends and colleagues are realtors. Some of them do better than others. Most of them are scraping by. Less than 1% are CRUSHING IT!

So what are these one-percenters doing differently than everyone else?

They’re not smarter or more knowledgeable. They have access to the same inventory everyone else does.

They have the same amount of hours in the day. And I would say they face many of the same challenges.

So what makes them so successful?Continue Reading

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How To Craft an Ad Not Even the Most Cynic of Prospects Could Resist

She was sorting her mail right over the garbage bin, like most people do.

A little while later she was closing every single pop up ad on her screen, and ignoring every ad Facebook flashed in front of her.

She was a rock, completely immune to advertising.Continue Reading

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How I Saved My Best Money Making Skill From Chaos and Lameness

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged on this site!

And it’s not like I’ve had droves of complaints and requests to get back to it… it’s just that I needed to, physiologically, mentally, and spiritually.

I’ve had a tidal wave of work come my way… I have multiple interests I’ve been pursuing, a couple of playground projects, plus my own exclusive client work.

But I’m loving it!

I’m loving it because in the words of a tagline I created for a friend of mine who happens to own the most honest and prolific yacht sales/acquision consulting firm in South Florida, Andy Silva… (if you’re in the market for a big boat, check him out at:  www.yachtconsultinggroup.com)

“It’s not a lifestyle unless you live it on your own terms”

The one thing that blogging always did for me was to create a rip channel, a narrow pathway for my shore waters to get back out to sea.

I only understood how visceral that need was until my office furniture was entirely blanketed with yellow pads, post it notes, and moleskines all over the place.

The moment you start to feel stressed when doing what you love, something needs to change.

But don’t change your passion, change your process.

If your passion is also your top money making skill, then you’re a very lucky man or woman…

By the way… what’s your top money making skill?

Don’t feel bad if you have to think a bit hard to answer this question.

You’ll be surprise how many people struggle with it. I sure did!

You see when you are a writer you write… I mean you read and write, but mostly you write.

You write your thoughts down, your feelings, observations, ideas, plans, sales letters, promos, ads, evil schemes and heists!

Writing is how I make sense of it all.

It’s also how I make a living because if my emails, ads, and promos don’t perform I don’t get paid!

The thing is when I don’t write this way  (meaning in a way that focuses my thoughts and ideas) my thinking becomes circular and chaotic, and so are my results.

When I write in this format (with discipline and mindfulness) my thinking is organized and focused, and so are my results.

What regular blogging does (at least for me!) is to organize those thoughts in calendar order even if I don’t hit publish right away.

I can’t tell you how intoxicating and mind-bending the feeling of letting your mind freestyle away is.

My unsolicited advice to you, is take to your unique skill the way a crack addict takes to his pipe… in trembling desperation and with a tunnel vision focus.

Something else happens when I blog.

I create an unspoken agreement that what I write I’ll publish. Like a social contract of sorts.

This will keep me fresh in people’s inbox and front and center on my favorite social media channels.

So if writing, creating videos, selling on the phone, or designing websites is your thing –get after it, find your process!

Do it daily, get better at it.

Treat your talent with the respect it deserves, and don’t ever think it’s either enough to succeed, or that it will never decay  –because mediocrity is always waiting for you to get complacent about how much talent you think you freaking have.

Here’s something else…

I don’t want you to care one iota about measuring your progress when you’re doing this.

Here’s my guarantee… YOU’RE MAKING PROGRESS! Keep at it.

For me, it’s writing, largely in this format.

For you, I don’t have the slightest clue! You have to figure that out yourself.

What’s for sure is this  –Your unique skill needs to be honed, crafted and practiced constantly.

Feed the beast daily and your muse will show up more often. Even when you’re not ready for her!

This is what will separate you from everyone else, how you’ll stand out, and why someone will joyfully write you big fat checks for your product or service!

Here’s to you leveling up. Enjoy the ride!

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