How To Craft a Pitch Not Even the Most Cynic of Prospects Could Resist

She was sorting her mail right over the garbage bin, like most Americans do.

A little while later she was closing every single pop up ad on her screen, and ignoring every ad Facebook flashed in front of her. She was a rock, completely immune to advertising.

This scenario describes every person you would consider a prospect.

She’s no different than you. She wants to go about her day, and she doesn’t want to be interrupted or sold to.

But if you must, at least be sincere about it! She may forgive you and glance your way for two seconds, and that’s all the time you’ll need.

Here’s what I mean…

If you offer, say a “FREE Yoga Session“, then you can’t say “REGISTER NOW! Limited Availability

If there was really “limited availability” you wouldn’t be able to offer a FREE session because you wouldn’t need to.

Something that’s truly scarce is never advertised as such, it’s just not available. And it is perceived this way because of the inherent value it has!

At the heart of this behavior lies a benign lack of sincerity.

You’re selling a Trojan horse!

You’re just doing what you see everyone else do, so why not!

In marketing and advertising, sincerity or lack there of, is not like a fifteen foot wave coming at you. Is more like a rip current. Powerful and consistent, but subtle. You know is there, but you make decisions about it in an involuntary and automatic way.

Why do you like some people right away and not others?

At the onset you don’t know why, you can’t put your finger on it. You just know the first impression was a good one and you want more of it.

When you create your marketing messages, put your self in the reader’s place.

Think back at all those postcards, ads, and links you’ve received and clicked on that you were just like … eeeewhhhhh!

Don’t do it. Lead with something that has at least a semblance of empathy for your audience, and tell them why it would make sense to take you up on the offer.

Go deep. Offer a real solution, even if you feel you’re giving too much away. There will be resistance, I promise you.

So how do you make a  [“Free Yoga Class – Register Now! Limited Availability. Hurry Up, This Won’t Last”]  offer, more sincere?

By offering a brief and relatable back story.

“Because we just opened our new studio, we’d like to invite you to a FREE Yoga Class. It’s our way of getting to know you and have a chance to say hello in our own special way! Register here. Or just call this number # to reserve your spot. Hope to see you soon :-)”

Here’s another option…

“Welcome to the neighborhood! Some people will knock on your door with a box of donuts, some will invite you to a BBQ. We want to gift you a FREE Yoga Class. It’s our way of welcoming you in our own special way! Register here. Or just call this number # to reserve your spot. Hope to see you soon :-)”

You don’t have to do it exactly this way… but you get my drift right!

There are no hidden agendas, no benign insincerity.

Hello, We’re so and so. We’d like to invite you over because. Hope to get the chance to meet you. Here’s how. Take care.

That’s it. There’s no reason to pressure anyone into reacting by offering a bullshit scarcity offer they see coming a mile away anyway!

I know the wannabe Wolf of Wall Streeters and hard core badass closers of the world are going to be screaming… “You Pussy! ABC… Always be closing! If you’re not selling, they’re selling you!”

Sure, no doubt these pressure sales tactics work …on desperate, weak minded, and short term oriented clients and consumers.

Are these the people you’re looking to connect with?

If they are, then sorry to have wasted your time.

If they are not. Then don’t produce cheap and insincere offers.

Smart and educated consumers always figure it out.

Here are the main benefits of creating sincere offers:

1. Instant differentiation from everyone else pushing their shtick.

2. Stop people on their tracks because there’s something unique about you. They just don’t know what it is yet.

3. Build a small tribe of loyal and evangelical customers. Guess what that does for your referral business!

4. It’s easier to create these ads because you don’t need to bs people into action.

5. You feel good about yourself!

If this makes sense to you, then get after it!


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