How I Saved My Best Money Making Skill From Chaos and Lameness

So how long has it been since I’ve blogged on this site?

Too long, and it’s not like I’ve had droves of complaints and requests to get back to it… it’s just that I needed to, physiologically and mentally.

See I’ve been working non-stop, roaring-twenties style but with new millenium tech… I have multiple interests I’ve been pursuing, a couple of playground projects, plus my own exclusive client work.

Top that with running and operating two businesses I have major stakes in and you have a pretty stacked life.

But I’m loving it!

I’m loving it because in the words of a tagline I created for a friend of mine who happens to own the most honest and prolific yacht sales/acquision consulting firm in South Florida, Andy Silva… (if you’re in the market for a big boat, check him out at:

“It’s not a lifestyle unless you live it on your own terms”

The one thing that blogging always did for me was to create a rip channel, a narrow pathway for my shore waters to get back out to sea.

I only understood how visceral that need was until my office furniture was entirely blanketed with yellow blocks, and notes, and moleskines all over the place.

I learned this while in this whirlpool of content and creativity; the moment you start to feel stressed when doing what you love, something needs to change. But don’t change your passion, change your process.

By the way… What’s your top money making skill?

You’ll be surprise how many people don’t have a specific and quantifiable answer to this question!


You see when you are a writer you write… I mean you read and write, but mostly you write. You write your thoughts down, your feelings, observations, ideas, plans, sales letters, promos, ads, evil schemes and heists!

Writing is how I make sense of it all. It’s also how I make money because if my emails, ads and promos don’t perform I don’t get paid the big bucks!

The thing is when I don’t write this way  (meaning in a way that focuses my thoughts and ideas) my thinking becomes circular and chaotic, and so are my results.

When I write in this format (with discipline and presence) my thinking is organized and focused… and so are my results.

What regular blogging does (at least for me!) is to organize those thoughts in calendar order even if I don’t hit publish right away.

I can’t tell you how intoxicating and mind-bending the feeling of letting your mind freestyle away is.

My unsolicited advice to you, is take to your unique skill the way a crack addict takes to his pipe… In daily desperation and with tunnel vision focus.

Something else happens, when I blog I create an unspoken agreement that what I write I’ll publish… at some point. Like a social contract of sorts. This will keep me fresh in people’s inbox and front and center on my favorite social media channels.

So if writing, creating videos, selling on the phone, or designing websites is your thing… get after it, find your process!

Do it daily, get better at it. Treat your talent with the respect it deserves, and don’t ever think it’s either enough to succeed, or that it will never decay… because mediocrity is always waiting for you to get complacent about how much talent you think you freaking have. Forget all than nonsense!

Here’s something else… I don’t want you to care one iota about measuring your progress when you’re doing this. Here’s my guarantee… YOU’RE MAKING PROGRESS!

Keep at it, every day, do it, do it, do it…

For me, it’s writing, largely in this format… For you, I don’t have the slightest clue! You have to figure that out yourself.

What’s for sure is this… Your unique skill needs to be honed, trained and practiced constantly. Feed its appetite daily even when you don’t feel like it.

This is what will separate you from everyone else, how you’ll stand out, and why someone will joyfully write you big fat checks!

Here’s to you leveling up… Enjoy the ride!

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