Make Yourself Irresistibly Wanted and Shamefully Well Paid for It!

Regardless of what your chosen profession, business or employment is. You can make yourself ultra-influential any time you wish it!!Claudio Alegre - Marketing Style

Developing a Profitable Marketing style simply means becoming influential.

With influence comes opportunity, money, relationships that last, plus a lifestyle of abundance.

This topic got me thinking about all the big names in business and marketing  I’ve learned from over the years.

Not only the famous ones, but also guys that you may not have even heard of unless you are a marketing geek like me.

But even household names like Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates… etc

What do these ultra-successful business people and entrepreneurs, whom by the way, the best of them excel in marketing…What makes them so successful at being irresistible?

How can you achieve the same level of irresistibility?

I believe it comes down to idea sharing (being genuine), personal experience and service (leadership) and conscious style building (modest self promotion).

There are a million Realtors, Financial Planners, Attorneys, Consultants and Fitness Professionals out there…  right?

Are not all of them at the end of the day selling the same thing in the same area from the same supply and to the same demand pool?

Name me one product or service out there where there’s only one supplier for it… Not likely!

Your style is the way you do things … the proverbial secret sauce, is in essence “YOU”, Your Ideas, and the way you communicate and execute them!

But how do you develop your style if you lack mojo? 

Good news!

You’ve always had it!!

You were born with a unique personality and character signature.

“In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and in action.  I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.”


Chisel away the rough edges and your true self and awesomeness will reveal itself… You’ll be irresistible in your own unique way!

All you need to do then is to enhance and develop that unique signature and style in your business or profession.

I always laugh when young people (gen Y’ers) tell me, –“but Claudio I don’t know how to sell anything”

Well, You date don’t you?

What do you think dating or the process of getting someone to go out with you is?

That’s the biggest sales job ever…!

Follow these simple steps and start making yourself irresistible to your friends, clients and prospects:

Have a “renaissance approach” to your marketing style process – In other words forget “always be closing” that’s archaic old thinking and doesn’t apply to today’s market place. Instead,“always be learning… and doing”. Be interested in people first!

You can only develop a style by being yourself. Stop wanting to be someone else – Remember being different doesn’t necessarily mean being first, at least initially. You have to work hard regardless, but it’s how you work that makes the difference. Your ideas and how you execute them is what makes you “YOU”.

Read a 2 books a month, and Listen to 1-3 podcast from someone successful in your industry – You have to reprogram your way of thinking often. So Yes! Brainwash yourself as often as you can… Challenge your theories, put them to the test. The best way of doing this is to learn from others that have something worthwhile to offer and that have results. Join a mastermind group, get a couple of mentors, take time to work on your personal growth.

Make a list right now of the things you do that you think make you unique from your peers – be honest with yourself and when in doubt ask your friends and clients for feedback. I like this approach:  “…what worked, and in your view what can I do differently?” If nothing stands out, then that’s your first clue!

Play to your strengths – focus on the things you excel at. Keep your weaknesses going to the gym yes, but your focus should always be on that which already makes you not only good, but great. That is what’s going to make you influential and incredibly productive!

Your style will evolve naturally and unbeknownst to you at first. Others may notice before you do. Then as you become aware of how you are perceived by others, you start to have an active and conscious input into the process.

By this time you have a clear picture of Who you are, and What degree of influence you can exert in your business network.

Does this help?

Do you think developing an irresistible and influential leadership style could catapult your personal brand onto a global stage?

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