You Don’t Have Time!

you don't have timeThe time I’m referring to is not the time to lose 50 pounds, write that book you’ve been postponing, take a trip to Asia or get that degree you’ve always wanted … No!

These things are great, but often we get to accomplish them at the expense of something else, and are seldom repeated or equaled because of our lack of lifestyle and vision.

You set and do them as goals instead of as a way of life.

I’m referring to the time to do something that changes your options by giant leaps and bounds, and forever!

The time to go from scarcity to abundance and prosperity …the time to design a life where you decide what to do and when to do it without having to pay a negative price for doing so!  -Just because you can!

I don’t understand Claudio …What “time” are you referring to?

I’m talking about the time you need to put in to make exponential changes in your life forever!

To make changes that are so qualitative that they rock every fiber of your being, changes that transform and transcend. 

But before you start thinking about this, here’s what your mind, friends and family may believe and tell you:

-I don’t know how!

-Things are the way they are supposed to be!

-I don’t have time to put in the “time”

-I’m safe, why rock the boat?

-Money and prosperity isn’t everything in life!

-Abundance is relative!

-I’m happy right now!

-I’m comfortable

I know, I know …in the years I’ve been in business, coaching and consulting business owners, I’ve heard it all, these are just a few.

I’ve said and felt ALL these things myself in multiple occasions! I’m a living example for each and every single one of them 🙂

But here’s how I deal with these common excuses on my way to a better life:

  • I don’t know how!——Find a way!
  • Things are the way they are supposed to be!——-No they are not, keep striving for better!
  • I don’t have time to put in the “time”——–A classic “excuse” and the main reason why you don’t have time for anything, including the things you really want to do!
  • I’m safe, why rock the boat?——–Rocking the boat is where “true safety” lies silly!
  • Money and prosperity isn’t everything in life!——–You are right …but it sure does help, especially if you care and want to help others!
  • Abundance and prosperity are relative!——–No they are not, they are absolutes …You either have options and freedom or you don’t!
  • I’m happy right now!———The key here is to know when you are delusional, pseudo-content, you don’t care or are in denial. Truly happy people, I’ve noticed, are always in motion, searching, evolving, that’s what makes them happy!
  • I’m comfortable——-So are people that are buried or in a coma
  • A regretful and unhappy life? That won’t happen to me——–Just in case, don’t say that out loud or in public! …instead, start reflecting now!

These were some of my demons, I later came to find out I wasn’t alone …and you know what, neither are you!

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