I Have a Great Title, Awesome Paycheck and Great Benefits. Then Why Am I So Freaking Unhappy?

A friend of mine made this comment to me last week. Great question isn’t it? A couple of answers came to mind right away. One is that, you are not stepping up to your purpose. Meaning you are not doing meaningful work, and if you’d like to dig deeper then define what “meaningful” means to […]

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Why New College Grads MUST Build a Lifestyle Business Way Before Landing Their Dream Job

find your dream job

Think about that word for a second, Dream Job… maybe is just me, but the word “job” should never be anywhere near the word “dream”

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My Top 10 Reads for 2013 – “Reading for Profits”

reading for profits

As you probably know, no good fortune will ever come to you unless you change the way you think.These books will help you do precisely that!

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Make Yourself Irresistibly Wanted and Shamefully Well Paid for It!

Claudio Alegre - Marketing Style

Regardless of what your chosen profession, business or employment is. You can make yourself ultra-influential any time you wish it!!

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Don’t Follow Your Passion, Live it!

Found this awesome piece my Mike Rowe from “Dirty Jobs” … Enjoy, I sure did!  

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Read Faster for Profits! – How to read 5 books a month for pleasure, knowledge and money

Reading for Profits

“The information I learned by episode 20 had already made me money! I learned while driving. In others words, I got paid to drive!”

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