If You Change Your Words, You Change Your World


Writing and producing compelling, persuading and entertaining content is what I enjoy doing the most in my business …the thing is… it is also what most people, businesses and projects are in desperate need of, but guess what… Most don’t even know it!

Most businesses downplay or outright ignore message strategy altogether, instead they focus on what I call “tactical beauty”, which is usually devoid of any real thinking or client-centric strategy.

The power of your words, when properly and effectively applied, engage both the conscious and the subconscious mind. Meaning that a properly crafted and positioned message, with a strong value prop, targeted to the right audience will have an effect at different levels of someone’s psyche, which will usually prompt them to take action.

Just remember, before you touch the brain you must touch the heart! …Also, don’t forget, if your product, service or you SUCK …it won’t matter what words you choose!

To illustrate just how important it is for you to shift your thinking on this topic, here’s a video I usually point customers, clients and prospects to in order to describe not only what I do, but the mindset they must have when it comes to creating content and copy for their businesses and organizations… Enjoy!

Stay sharp and fired up 🙂

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