Do You Focus On Client’s Negatives or Positive Solutions During a Presentation?

Positive Solutions Focus - Claudio Alegre

“If you’re pitching your product to corporates, should you highlight their negatives, such as bad reviews on TripAdvisor for a travel company, or focus on positive solutions in order to explain true product benefits?”

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What You Accept, You Get

I’m a big Dan Kennedy student, I read his stuff, buy his programs and promote his products any chance I get. Why? Simple, his Marketing philosophy and money making marketing strategies WORK! Lately when I’ve talk to entrepreneurs not familiar with Kennedy Style Marketing, whether they are a client of mine or not already, I […]

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Get People to Buy From You Over and Over Again In 3 Easy Steps, Even When They Say No The First Time!

sales success

Sales Techniques that Work in Real Life! So you are probably thinking, you need to be persistent, pesty, pushy and get across salesy in order to come away with what the title of this post implies. But it’s actually the opposite… By the way an important distinction I’d like to make in relation to this […]

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You Don’t Have Time!

you don't have time

The time I’m referring to is not the time to lose 50 pounds, write that book you’ve been postponing, take a trip to Asia or get that degree you’ve always wanted … No! These things are great, but often we get to accomplish them at the expense of something else, and are seldom repeated or […]

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Why The “Thank God It’s Friday” Syndrome Is Keeping You From Being Wildly Successful!

TGIF Thank God It's Friday

The TGIF mindset may seem to most people like a harmless thing to say, or actually look forward to. We simply hear everyone yelling it, we do the same, and we are now part of that tribe! Can you picture Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, Sam Walton, Richard Koch, Jordan, Phelps, Woods … Saying: […]

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The Mindset Required To Successfuly Start a Smart Home Business While Still Working Your Day Job

This is the biggest mental trap to prosperity and success our species suffers from, it’s endemic and hereditary, and it’s the #1 cause of broken dreams World Wide!

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I Have a Great Title, Awesome Paycheck and Great Benefits. Then Why Am I So Freaking Unhappy?

A friend of mine made this comment to me last week. Great question isn’t it? A couple of answers came to mind right away. One is that, you are not stepping up to your purpose. Meaning you are not doing meaningful work, and if you’d like to dig deeper then define what “meaningful” means to […]

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Why New College Grads MUST Build a Lifestyle Business Way Before Landing Their Dream Job

find your dream job

Think about that word for a second, Dream Job… maybe is just me, but the word “job” should never be anywhere near the word “dream”

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My Top 10 Reads for 2013 – “Reading for Profits”

reading for profits

As you probably know, no good fortune will ever come to you unless you change the way you think.These books will help you do precisely that!

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Make Yourself Irresistibly Wanted and Shamefully Well Paid for It!

Claudio Alegre - Marketing Style

Regardless of what your chosen profession, business or employment is. You can make yourself ultra-influential any time you wish it!!

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