Aligning Healthcare Providers and Patients



The secret to better care in hospitals is about aligning providers to patients. The question of course, is how?  The way we do it is by creating an immersive environment based upon data. The end result is that people change. The ideas that surround them, help connect people in a deep, emotional way. -@gapingvoid

What I love about this idea, what I find powerful about it, is that is premised on the belief that “people change”.

If you’ve spend anytime in healthcare you instinctively know this is an innovative concept. Why? Because the level of bureaucracy, cynicism and apathy in healthcare is the highest of any industry.

Healthcare is in dire need of change, but specifically a culture change. No wonder listening to the guys from healthUX @gapingvoid lead the conversation with empathy, better experiences and deeper connections between healthcare providers and patients brings about an air of excitement and novel mindset to the street.

The good people in the industry, healthcare providers, need to hear this, need to feel the energy around it, and want a change in culture.

The focus must always be on the positive side of the equation, on the people with the right attitude, and most of all on patients and their families!


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